“I’m a hypocrite who always strives to tell the truth, I’m a self-proclaimed perfectionist who doesn’t believe that perfection is possible, and I’m a nonconformist just like everybody else. I’m used to being frustrated.”

Name: I have quite a few actually. The simplest is Alex, and the longest is the Guy Who Can Never Decide On A Stupid Username. My most commonly used monikers are Comrade Timekeeper and Xelazeratul, but others include Aleksi Briclot, Alejandro Francesca, and ListsOfThree.

Favorite color(s): Teal (aka cyan, turquoise) and Green.

Least Favorite Color: White. Boring as crap. In some cases it can look okay, but for most, refer to the second sentence.

Favorite Animal: Cats of almost any kind. Obviously.

Favorite Bands: (My music tastes are pretty random) Beatles, Police, Clash, FOO FIGHTERS, Blue Man Group, Santana, and many others.

Favorite Hobbies: Video games, riding my bike, making stuff (out of random stuff), thinking, and pretty much doing whatever I feel like.

Favorite Number: 3, the Ramans do everything in threes.

Gender: Male (at least I like to think so)

Mood of lately: Anticipation. Transitioning to college is big.

Favorite authors: Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles), David Weber (Honor Harington), Roger Zelazny (Amber), Christopher Paollini (Inheritance), Piers Anthony (Incarnations of Immortality, Apprentice Adept, and yes, Xanth), J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter), Tolkein (Lord of the Rings), Ann McCaffrey (Dragonriders of Pern [Which is actually more sci-fi than fantasy]), Diana Wynne Jones (Chrestomanci, Howl’s Moving Castle), and many, many others.

ALSO: For those who didn’t get it (which is apparently everyone) the blog url “Purity of Essence” is a reference to the Zerg of Starcraft, and not to How I Learned To Love The Bomb. Though the latter is certainly a good movie.