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The Power of Perception

“In perceiving we create the world.”

This is a quote I’ve been hearing from a lot of High School English (effectively philosophy) teachers say lately. I have, as of yet, been entirely unable to reason out what they mean.

The first thing that springs to mind is a literal interpretation. That we, as humans, possess the innate ability to change the world with our minds (synchronicity of course made this pop up on Fringe recently). This can range from flashy telekinetic and other reality-warping powers to more subtle mind-over-matter effects. Somehow I doubt this is what my teachers meant (Unless they’re crazier than I previously believed).

A more figurative interpretation leads me to the idea that a person’s worldview is, in effect, their own version of reality. To that person reality is entirely made up of their experience, because the things which they have not experienced in some way have no effect or bearing upon their lives. This falls in line with the concept of the ‘black swan,’ which is the idea that a phenomena does not exist until its existence is proven. The name comes from the fact that, until a black swan was found in Asia, europeans had no reason to expect something like a black swan to be real. In their world it didn’t exist, and as such had no practical bearing or affect on their isolated reality.

…Okay that was confusing. Let me try an example.

In the matrix, the entire human species is enslaved by machines and trapped in a virtual facsimile of a world. This world is as real as can be when subjected to any of the five senses. But some characters possess the ability to “sense the greater reality,” and manage to pull themselves out of the coma in which most people spend their entire lives. For these select few, reality is very different and much darker. For the rest of the population though, this “outside world” doesn’t exist, and it would be impossible to convince them otherwise. The argument is that the fact that their world apparently isn’t real has no practical meaning; it will not affect their lives in any way because they will never experience that fact.

Where this line of thought gets really trippy is where one starts to argue that, “reality only exists in the mind anyway.” This idea stems from the fact that every human being perceives things, even the most objective observation, differently from other persons. The human body is an imperfect construction (just like eerything in existence, but that’s an argument for another day), and as such so are the sensory organs. This causes each person, for example, to perceive colors differently. While this is not often as extreme as “your blue is my red,” but variation does exist.

Now lets apply this to our entire perception. If different people experience color differently, why not everything else? To keep this from getting too out of hand, let’s assume that there is a single, concrete, absolute, and observable thing that we call “actuality.” Now let’s set up two people, two subjects to view this actuality. Person A sees the “normal” version: bipedal humans walking around between geometric shapes (these are buildings) and interacting with each other in some social manner. Now Person B sees a bunch of amorphous blobs floating around in space and whenever one bumps into another the larger absorbs the smaller. Now tell me, which of these is the “correct” interpretation?

The average person will agree with Person A, because that is what most people perceive. However, the average person has trouble proving this because they cannot refute the idea that each consciousness has a completely different reality, and that when those realities interact, they “translate” the communication into something they can understand. But then we get to this thought: What if there is only one person? What if you are the only mind that exists and all other apparent “consciousnesses” are actually just projections of your subconscious? You have created and populated a world entirely out of your own imagination, much like a novel writer creating a fictional universe, you just don’t realize it. See, I told it would get trippy.

Now, to return to reality (or at least, my perception of it as such) lets get back to the original quote. “In perceiving we create the world.” This can mean we are telekinetics who actively shape the world around us by thinking “this is how it should be.” We can be international media corporations and basically do the same thing. Or we could be literal gods in a world entirely of our subconscious construction. In any case, I still have no bleeping clue what my English teachers want from me.


Speaking Words of Wisdom

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
-John Lennon, echoing the words of countless other brilliant minds.

Pokemon Etymology

I feel like I noticed before that girafarig is a palindrome, but it still made me facepalm when I read it.

Also, Hitmonchan = Jackie Chan and Hitmonlee = Bruce Lee. Seriously GameFreak? Seriously?

Poll time!

In the spirit of election season, I’d like to get your opinions on stuff.

Assuming I have time ever, which of the following stories would you guys want to see me work on?

Instuments of the Gods: My take on high fantasy; big battles between good and evil, and the fight to restore a world. The most interesting part of this, for me at least, is the nature of the main characters.

The Savant incident: Heavy sci-fi about a group of rebel hackers who are trying to untangle the web of confusion surrounding their most recent attack-gone-wrong.

Axel’s Story: Very, very new story that focuses on three individuals with unique abilities. That’s about as far as it’s gotten.

So, leave a comment with your vote for the story you want me to work on!

Things that are stressing me out.

Guilt over not doing everything I possible could that I thought sounded interesting at the time (i.e. maintaining this blog).

School work. Senior Exit Project. Science Fair. General Homework.

Work I have to do for clubs. Science, Steel, and NHS.

College applications.

Eagle Project.



Hello entropy. Meet mister knife. *Kills entropy, and Murphy too.*


These people have become one with the internet. They do not experience such inconveniences as mere “time.”

A Lucky Day

I pulled some interesting cards at the Return to Ravnica Pre-release today.

1 Loxodon Smiter
1 Deathrite Shaman
1 Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice
1 Armada Wurm
1 Jace, Architect of Thought
1 Foil Temple Garden

… I can deal with this. XD

More new Kirios Images


These were based of my own drawing. Unlike with Axel’s image, I feel pretty good about the proportions. The outfit is fairly simple, but that kind of makes sense, since he is supposed to be pretty ninja-ish. You know, aside from wielding a dual scythe.

Kirios Arkano


Not my very best, but quite considering it was made on a laptop using a trackpad.

I like it. 😛


Kirios Arkano:

Blood: Cyan (#00CDCD)

Weapon: Dual Scythe

Class: Rogue of Rage

Powers: Siphons away at people’s emotions. Possible low-level blue-blood mind powers. At God-tier, he can literally siphon away at a person’s will to live, channeling it into his own strength or feeding it to his allies.

Personality: What personality? Doesn’t talk much. Is eloquent, but direct. Comes off as cold, but has an oddly calming presence (see powers). When not working, he meditates. He helps out the team, but often to his own benefit. Some are suspicious that the only reasons he works with others at all is that his Class powers work better in groups.

Typing Quirk: Kirios has a breathy, ethereal, and ghostly voice. He approximates this in his typing by putting h’s in where the emphasis goes in words and sentences. Example: hI am going to rhip you to phieces. (Not that “phieces” is *not* pronounced with an “f” sound.) With words that already have h’s before their i’s and c’s, such as “things,” Kirios puts extra emphasis on the h (though it does not appear different in text).

Appearance: [To Be Added]

Quotes: “hI am an hagent of bhalance. Dheath is a whonderful hequalizer.” “Though I strhike from the shadows, dho not think I lhack the courage the sthand in the lhight.”